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Lupus Animus

Can’t afford a donation to help out a charity? How about a book?

55 fictional pieces for less than $4

‘She was just eating her meal when she smelled a male wolf nearby – not one of her own. She watched him warily as he came slowly toward the three pups that were out the enclosure again.’ Lost Mate, Terry Spear – US Today Bestseller

Featuring poems, stories and haiku with the theme of wolves and the truth as each author perceives it.

Discover wolves in a sci-fi setting, followed by in character views of wolves in their natural settings and in conflict with humans.

All proceeds go to Artisan Rarebreeds.
Registered Charity Number
HMRC XT37297

With stories, poems and haiku from Ylva and Rose DelaWulf, Sherrill Willis, Zakira Salem, Krystal O’Brien, L. Anne Wooley, Shelley Walsh, Eleanor Musgrove, Delbert McGill, Michael E. Herman, Melina Turner, Caio Henrique Tavares, Yanick Zolnerciks, Paula Acton, Philip Tolhurst, John C. Scott, Jessica Kuilan Gonzalez, Dee Martin, Danielle Newman, James Don and Lisa Miller.

Buy links
US: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00KWL0GGA

UK: http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00KWL0GGA

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show…..2-lupus-animus



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Novel Update!

Well it’s been a while since I’ve put up a blog about myself, and I’ve decided that I’m going to announce a few things! I’m hard at work at writing Tarnished Lineage – the fourth book in my upcoming novel series, Twisted Luminality (working title, of course!) This book is currently sitting at just over 31,600 words…and I’m set to continue writing now! The titles for these books are going to follow the same theme in terms of initials, but each title explores a different facet of the plot! The titles for the books go as follows!

  • Torn Loyalties (working title)
  • Tattered Legacy (working title)
  • Tainted Love (working title)
  • Tarnished Lineage (working title)

Each book is written from between three and five perspectives – namely from Tattered Legacy though life will be experienced through K’oughser, Tia’hin and Joella – two invented beasts of the same invented species, and a human. Life is hard in the future – a full four thousand years into the future. Two ice ages have sped up evolution, and human-kind has withdrawn, leaving apex predators that are more intelligent than they believe in charge. Taking place within the Rocky Mountains, though at the base more so than the higher reaches.


One of the evolved beasts.

A brief explanation of what creatures are like in this future is for me to ask you to imagine that dire wolves hadn’t been killed off. These beasts have near-human intelligence, twice the size of an average wolf and they’ve evolved a few crafty little tricks to get through a harsh life. They possess a triple layer pelt – the first of which is a warm, woolly coat, evolved to keep heat in. The second layer is the waterproof layer, which provides most of the colour. Typically, this is an inch or two thick, but can be longer around the throat. The third layer is a method of defence – it is thicker and almost like the bristles of a broom. When the beasts’ hackles lift, the bristled layer is enough that anything biting them will be injured.

The other two evolutionary aids for these have been…unusual. Rather than their size dooming them to a life on the ground, they’re evolved to be able to roam the thick branches. They have had a shift in the way their paws grip and move, more like that of a cat than anything else. An extra toe helps them with their grip, and they find it easy to hunt both on the ground and from the trees. Their weight is no hindrance to them once they are airborne. That gives a lead into the next evolutionary change. These beasts have immensely powered hind-legs – they help them to leap from the ground up to a branch. They are able to leap twelve to eighteen feet from the ground. Their claws are thick and are able to puncture the thick bark of the trees with ease.

My naming theme for these books…well. They shall be shown in future blog posts 😀 along with the other beasts and characters that come from these books. I’m in love with this series…however they’ve needed to be put together along with glossaries/indexes to create a full array of knowledge for the reader! I describe the names, characters, species names, settings…everything! I’m hoping that there will be maps created for these, too – it’s an unusual set up in terms of territory!



And onto other great things. Power of the Song, my immense novel of 160,000 words…is currently undergoing editing! That means shortly, you will be able to find out about the release date…a synopsis…and a cover reveal! An anthology is also in progress with being set up as is the possibility of me marketing myself at WorldCon – to be held in my (almost) hometown of London this year! Anyone who follows my blog looking at attending?


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Review- Silence of the Wolves

After a strange encounter in a dark alley, journalist Tamriel’s life is turned upside down. She’s missing days, developing odd new abilities, and being followed by mysterious Leyth.

Dark, dangerous – and too gorgeous for his own good –Leyth’s determined to teach Tamriel about her new life – as a werewolf! And just as intent on keeping their relationship strictly business.

But as their simmering bond grows, Tamriel and Leyth face a bigger challenge; Tam may be their kind’s strongest weapon against the Circle, a deadly group of paranormal creatures gone rogue. That is, if she’s ready to give into her destiny and put up the fight of her life…


For fans of Kelly Armstrong

My Review:
Set not too far from my own home, not too far underground is a kingdom to which I’m sure I belong…Nah! Just wishing! This is an amazing debut book featuring not just the common werewolves and vampires but also magi, wiccans (not witches, and I was dancing for joy to discover that!) shifters and a myriad of other mythical creatures. They are brought to life with the threat of the Circle and being turhned (you don’t want that to happen. Believe me!) Loved the slow developing, steamy romance and strong female character! Well done!…and cannot wait to read the next book! Cliffhanger endings are AWESOME!




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Flash Fiction!

While most stories begin in the darkness, ours begins in the light of day. Our first target for this story, a slender feral wolf, long-limbed but still small for her size, with wise golden eyes lingering in a face highlighted with silver white. Our second, a black German shepherd with eyes more gold than brown, stepping into the trees for the first time in his rather young life. With neither large built, though the dog held faint promise of being terrifying with a broad chest and noble, slanted head.


The she-wolf, at the start of the days sleeps alone, devoid of her pack. The reason for it isn’t seen, though it’s clear from the shine to her silky coat to her sleek muscles that stretched like a sheath across her body. For now though, she sleeps, golden eyes shielded from the light as she breathed heavily and slowly. She was relaxed, only the faintest hint of movement making her toes twitch and her massive paws pedal the air as she dreams. We aren’t to know what she dreams about at this moment, only that the slightest hint of a whine, drifting from her muzzle and disappearing into the air that draws the shepherd to her side…though he is not the first.


Indeed, he runs through trails, as hyperactive as any dog let off the leash and given the freedom to roam. Everything he can smell, he does. Everything he can mark as his, he does in his misguided sense of possession. But he’s not completely alone. The pack that have made this place their home run with him, unseen in the trees and silent as they run paths they know better than the prey they hunt. They don’t lift their voices in a call for a hunt, lacking their guiding light- the she-wolf who with her white coat leads their charge and makes their decisions for them.


Grey-coated individuals split off, wheeling towards the back of his trail and cover his betraying scent with their own, reaffirming that they own this place to any that may try and take their boundaries from them. Softly, they break off, having done their job and disappeared into the distance while they await the ringing cry that will draw them back to the star in their silent sky. Instead, it is the dog that stumbles across her when drawn by tiredness, his youthful energy depleted in his urge to drink.


His nose twitched before flaring, his sore paws stilling slightly before his head lifted and he let out a soft whine. There was water ahead, plenty of it and it was so fresh that he was lost to the scent. His paws pounded on the ground, beating fast as he raced headlong into the clearing where the river and the she-wolf sit. Her body is unseen in his run; his muzzle plunged into water as he drank thirstily. His pink tongue is dampened by the water, curling it into his muzzle as he sated the thirst that had had him panting.


Only once his thirst is quenched, as surely as a fire is put out by a bucket of water, did his head raise and his odd eyes fix on the dreaming white wolf and her soft whimpers as she dreamed. Like any dog, he didn’t realise she was a wolf, plunging through the water noisily and then shaking so the water splattered her. Her whines stopped abruptly, her fur shifting all over her body before she leaped to all fours. Her hackles were lifted, from neck to hip and her teeth flashed in the light as a snarl forced its way from her throat into the space between them.


He slid to a stop, cringing to the ground as the animalistic sound echoed in his mind, drawing to something inside him that screamed of the danger a wolf could wreak on a dog. Nothing in him even allowed for an attack on her. Instead, he turned to the side on stiffened legs and presented her with the slab of his shoulder. Not even a growl prickled at his chest, which in turn eased the sounds slipping from the wolf’s chest into silence.


And silence was what reigned, for minutes until the she-wolf broke it.


“What the hell do you think you were doing, rushing towards me and waking me up?! I could have ripped your throat out…or called to my brothers and sisters so they could have protected me.” Her voice was low and silky, though the threat was implicit in her words. The dog himself was stunned, sinking onto his muscled haunches before he shook his head in disbelief.

“What the…how…how do you speak dog?” His voice was disbelieving, his head tilting to the side as he let out an inquiring whine.


She snorted softly, rolling her eyes before shaking her head in disbelief and glaring at him.

“We speak the same language, you idiot of a dog! Your sorry kind descended from the nobility of my own!” He words were forced out of stiff lips as she remained on edge, stiffened and on the verge of growling. A shake was all that he did before his nose flared slightly, and his ears perked upright. With such a start, was it any wonder that the pair became firm friends…and then, when time came, her mate, and fellow alpha?


She didn’t take long to change; now her new mate had met the pack and her stomach was swelling. Despite his ‘dog’ title, he wasn’t seen as being out of place. It took them a while to teach him how to hunt, but as she slowed down, he only grew stronger. Their bond was intense, the affection they felt clear among the wolves…and even more intent when he lost his collar the day that she went into labour.


It was that day that his yelps and whines drew the pack as he guarded the den from them, despite the jealous snarls coming from below and the occasional squeaking shape. Three days and three nights she was down there, so long that silence reigned in the clearing and the pack worried until they were anxious and pacing. That was when the gaunt face of their beloved alpha, mate…sister, slipped from the darkness and drank thirstily in the lake.


One by one, they were led down to look at the pups, a black cast to their coats and slightly larger ears the only difference to the fat pups, erupting into squeaking balls of fury as their mother laid down and curled her large body around them. The black shepherd curled at the entrance, his muzzle just pressed in through the entrance so their voices could meet in quiet conversation. He was guarding them, jealously providing his back to prevent any harm from coming to the pups and his mate.


The pack fed them all, hunting taking places endlessly as the wolf fed herself up in preparation for the pups wanting more milk as they grew ever bigger and took their fathers build for their own…for that was clear. They were already deeper chested with narrower paws than most wolf pups were at birth, but with bald tails and ears, they were almost indistinguishable from others of their blood-kin.

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A Rare Gem in the UK

So, as some of you know, today was a massive day for me. I managed to finally get some hands-on with a wolf and two wolf-dogs. This was only arranged thanks to an absolutely amazing rescue, who took these animals on when many wouldn’t. I was fully expecting to be meeting these creatures through a lot of safety procedures…

But it was this lad, Rain, who came out to see me first.


He is massive! I mean…truly huge. 8 stone (52kg/115lbs) in weight and taller than I was. His paws? Larger than my own hands. And yet, he had the sweetest personality. I wasn’t just able to stroke this handsome, handsome lad…I was allowed to walk him too! He wasn’t as much of a puller as I was expecting, less so than my malamute! However…he did pull when we reached the field I was walking him through..





Wonder what he saw here? Could it be the camera? Or the idea to pull me about…?












He was just a LITTLE bit dirty, but this was him pulling me along the grass…so glad my shoes had grips! It was astounding to see the size and the movements of a wolf like him, especially since he was a friendly, gentle creature…










You can see the size of his paws here…and those AWESOME eyes. A mixture of burnt amber and orange, they were absolutely piercing…and 1000000% better than I believed they could be.








Until this happened…


Apparently, I hadn’t let him say hello quick enough…so before I knew it, he was in my face…and I couldn’t get my arms around him! He was kissing me for ages…and yes, I nearly fell over! He’s a massive beast, as you can see…but I loved him…loved everything about him.








I also got to meet Miska – she’s a very, very timid wolf-dog, who still managed to leap up and push her face into mine (a bit nerving because…she’s timid and stalks people) but she was absolutely gorgeous…a lot smaller than Rain…(This is me holding Miska!)


She’s red wolf x, just a little over a year and a VERY skittish girl. I loved her. She had the most awesome eyes, and the most odd stalking gait I’ve seen. Her ears are HUGE compared to the rest of her, as seen by the difference in size between her and Rain against me.








This is a close-up on Miska’s eyes – can see the difference in her head structure/facial shape to Rain. She’s glorious!






And finally…I met Soli. Soli was the oldest wolf-dog, at 9 years old, and his hips are starting to go. He’s sweet, too! A little age-tattered but that is only the fact that he is poorly bred. He was just as lovely as Rain!












These wonderful creatures, and many others, are looked after by Artisan Rarebreeds – truly a rescuing gem in the UK. I’d recommend anyone who can afford to to donate money/items/buy stuff off of his wishlist!

Wish List


I want to thank Wayne, who runs the rescue for today. Being able to meet them all is absolutely amazing! I’ve never, ever been as happy as I am today. It’s given me a reason for the writing I do, and an idea of someone to thank, and something to add into every book I write with my wolves in – that wolves are to be treasured, and places like Artisan, who take in waifs and strays, are in need of publicity to make sure they get what they truly deserve!

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Lots of posts but…



This whole edition is about me! Woohoo! You get a smaller insight into the world of Echoes of Winter – follow the rest of the newsletter here! I’ll post it whenever it comes out!

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What does America’s Next Author mean to me?

For the past two weeks (and a few days) I’ve been involved in a huge competition which makes use of your skills in social media as well as writing. I used a piece which involves characters from my upcoming book, Echoes of Winter but in a different setting where magic flows and wolves can fly. (But only if they have wings, of course!)

It’s been an interesting thing to do – I’ve asked people for honest reviews and mostly the feedback has been amazing! Short stories aren’t my forte but this one seems to have appealed to people for some reason. Some people didn’t think the pacing was too fast, or that I told rather than showed the reader what was happening/in the scenery. Some people believed that this was part of a larger piece (which it isn’t, but I do plan another short ‘installment’ to finish the story.)

Other people are fascinated by the ideas represented in the story. Two friends, close enough to call themselves sisters, are torn apart by the depression of one and her failure to care about the responsibilities she has. What made people even more interested was that these weren’t humans – these were wolves and yet they had emotions like those everyone feels.

Relying on other people to review and vote is a patchy business and yet I’ve managed to remain in the top ten for the last week and a half! I’ve had a lot of support from friends and writing groups, who often go and hit the tweet button. The reviews count as well, as I prefer honest reviews. If you love it, write that and more importantly…tell me why! If you hate it, again – I want to know why you hate it.

An author can only progress with the constructive criticism of the type I’ve received, so thank you to everyone who HAS reviewed it.

Interested in reading yourself? Does this synopsis sound like something you could enjoy?
‘When winter springs a challenging blizzard onto a pack besieged with doubt? What will happen to the wolves that have been chased from their home, have lost their Alpha male and are watching their Alpha female die? Well, if Kamduis has anything to do with it, she’ll have a lot to do with it! Read on for this tale which mentions the wolf goddess Luna, winged wolves and betrayal between two sisters who have no real bond but the love in their hearts and the song which joins them together as pack.’

If so, then take a look here!

Dominique Goodall is the author of the soon to be released Echoes of Winter, book one in the Seasons of the Wolf series and a self-confessed wolf addict. She has currently been published in two anthologies by Crushing Hearts and Black Butterfly Publishing and is currently working on getting herself better known by sending in manuscripts for as many different anthologies as she possibly can.

As much as she loves to admit it, she never will be able to count her wolf stuff- there’s nothing left for her to be truly able to collect without her own home.

She can be friended on Facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/WaterSinger

Her author page on Facebook is here: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Dominique-Goodall-author/250907358312446

The page for Echoes of Winter is here: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Echoes-of-Winter/355235744499607

Her twitter name is: https://twitter.com/#!/DomGoodall

And her blog can be found here: https://dominiquegoodall.wordpress.com/

And the trailer for her book is here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kix63EXBW50&feature=plcp

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America’s Next Author

As not many of you know, I’ve been working on something new to get myself exposure as a writer – America’s Next Author! And yes, I know I’m in the UK – but I can still apply. I’ve been on a rollercoaster with the place I’m in for this contest. I entered at 17th…then hit 16th…and then shot up to 14th and stayed there for a day or so. After that I zoomed up to 10th and when the new round started…

I found myself in 1st place! I stayed there for ONE DAY before dropping to 2nd and today I dropped to 5th. I need your help to boost me back up the ranks and through round 2!

How can you help, I hear you scream? (In my mind and prayers, at least!) Well you can help with a vote on the site, a like on facebook, a tweet (if you use twitter), a share on LinkedIn (again, if you use it!) and most importantly of all, an honest review and rating! This is the most important part of this for me, it honestly is!

Here’s one review and a five star one at that!

‘Clearly, the author has a lot of knowledge of and/or experience with wolves, and that shows. The characters of the two main characters are distinct and engaging, and the story is told with careful attention to detail. While this is clearly part of a larger piece, it stands on its own extremely well. I found myself wanting to read more about this pair and to learn more about the extraordinary winged wolf.’

My entry

And the final thing I can say is…THANK YOU! (and yes! It includes wolves!)

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First contest…

So! Now I have the date of the book being available…how about a two-part contest? This one is for the artists and the writers out there! Woo! So, without further ado…


Contest 1: For Artists!

The Rules:

1. Read the flash fictions of Echoes of Winter, available on my blog and the fanpage, and draw any scene or character from those chapters– or one completely of your own invention, as long as it would fit in the world that Echoes of Winter is set in! You can draw as many characters in your images as you like, but only one entry per person, please. Wolf, cougar, fox, dog, cross between dog and wolf; any creature that would fit into the world will do! And yes, that includes humans!

2. Entries may be traditional, digital, black and white, color, heck, whatever’s your specialty, I want to see it! If you can make sculptures…DO IT! If you want to line your books up and use those to ‘sketch’ out a picture…feel free!

3. No graphic violence or um… mature love scenes, if you’re a romantic, please. PG-13 images. (Think Disney, Chronicles of Narnia, Lord of the Rings ratings).

4. Entries will be judged on skill, creativity, being true to the world and material, attention to detail (if you are working true to the characters you read about!) Creativity and original characters are encouraged, just make sure they’ll fit in!

5. Please email your entries to me at watersinger@rocketmail.com, and I will disperse them to my judges. Entries MUST be received no later than 12:00am GMT on October 31st.

6. Spread the word! You know the drill, link back here and say this is for Dominique’s contest! Post your images on your page with as many links to the Summer King facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/EchoesofWinter
Okay, now the fun stuff. Your FABULOUS PRIZES:

All entries will get your image on the fanpage and blog! (with links to any sites you can be contacted at!)

First place – Echoes of Winter postcard AND bookmark, signed. 15 minute conversation with the author through Skype!

Second place – Echoes of Winter postcard, signed.

Third place – Echoes of Winter bookmark, signed.

If we just can’t decide, we’ll post some honorable mentions.

Contest 2: For Writers!

1. Authors must write a short story of up to 3,000 words set in the world of my novel, Echoes of Winter. You can find information out about the novel on the Facebook page;

Be as accurate as you can, based on the information in the flash fictions, but anything you can’t possibly know about the world yet won’t be held against you and creativity is encouraged. Just try to stay true to what’s written so far.

2. Characters in the story may feature any of the animals introduced so far; wolf, cougar, lynx, bears, dogs, foxes, wolf-dogs other wild animals wherever you feel this is set – I see it as a mix between America and Russia…
3. Humans. There are humans in this world, but only limited technology. As in, the humans have some technology but others are living more primitive lives IE villages in the forest with dogs to hunt with. Include the animals/write about the humans from the PoV of an animal living with them/observing them. Think about what your dog/cat looks at you like when you do something weird.

4. I know we’re writing about fierce animals, but if you have a fight scene, please no excessive focus on blood, torture, pain, or violence. Again, think PG-13 (Lord of the Rings, Chronicles of Narnia, Disney violence. No Game of Thrones style craziness, please.

Same goes for love scenes. If you’re a romantic and your characters just have to consummate, please Fade to Black (Hey, I love love as much as the next person!)

5. All entries must be Received no later than October 31st 2012, at 12:00am!
6. This is important: In order for impartial judging, please EMAIL your stories to me at watersinger@rocketmail.com and I will pass them on “blind” to the judges.  (But make sure I know who you are, please  As in, “Here’s my entry, I am ‘Nickname’ on Deviantart/Facebook etc).

A couple of tips…  Don’t send us a first draft. Write your story, give it a day, let someone proof-read for you, go through, double check, make sure everything looks the way you want it. I want to focus on creativity and fun, but if your story is littered with typos and poor grammar and misspelled words, it will be hard for me to take you as seriously as someone who worked juuust a little harder.
So be thorough!

Okay enough of that, now for the prizes!!

All entries will get your story on the fanpage and blog! (with links to any sites you can be contacted at!) – and maybe, if I can convince my publisher…the short story added to the ebook version!

First place – Echoes of Winter postcard AND bookmark, signed. 15 minute conversation with the author through Skype!

Second place – Echoes of Winter postcard, signed.

Third place – Echoes of Winter bookmark, signed.

If we just can’t decide, we’ll post some honorable mentions.

Okay. I think that’s everything. I’m so excited to see what you come up with.



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Trailer Alert!

So for the last few weeks, we’ve been looking at ideas for a trailer that really brings Echoes of Winter to life. I’ve been asked to check out bit after bit, clip after clip…and all to make a short trailer which will help encourage people that my book is the one they want to read. We’ve wound everything down to a short video that reminds me, in a way, of Harry Potter.

Now everyone knows Harry Potter, and what I’d like for you all to do is to leave comments on the video and let me know what you think and if it interests you. Actually – why not tell me JUST what it is that interests you? The music, the storyline, the images/video?

Echoes of Winter Trailer

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