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A Shard of Sun Review

Shard is a gryfon entrusted with a great responsibility. A dragon of the Sunland has left her newborn kit to his care, and now Shard has difficult decisions to make about how best to keep the swiftly growing dragonet safe, while remaining true to his own destiny and the prophecy of the Summer King. He sets out to return the dragonet to his kin in the Sunland and find help for his own quest, but his hope for making wise and benevolent allies is quickly replaced with the reality of cold, mistrustful dragons who want nothing to do with gryfons, Shard, or his wars in warmer lands.

In the Silver Isles, the warrior gryfon Caj sets out on a dangerous hunt for his mad wingbrother, Sverin, once the mighty Red King. The safety of the pride, and in the end, Caj’s life, may depend on his success or failure.

Meanwhile, Shard’s wingbrother Kjorn seeks to find him and reconcile, and his quest will take him across the land that was once his birthright and into the heart of tricky alliances, enmities, and the ever-looming threat of the Voiceless, fear-mongering wyrms.

The Song of the Summer King promises that one will rise higher, one will see farther, and his wing beats will part the storm . . . but as Shard learns more of the world and the tangled threads of fate, he begins to fear that no one can part the storm of growing hatred and fear–not even a Summer King.

A Shard of Sun does what the previous two books have promised (and delivered). It brings you deeper into the Silver Isles and even Sunland. You learn more about the deepest secrets of Sverin…about the Dragons and the wyrms. Besieged by darkness, can Shard truly do as he promises, and fly high? Kjorn is seeking Shard in the Sunland, with the Nameless again named. Shard is the only one who can bring together all the species – gryfon, eagle, painted dog. They gather in his name, in his honour. When it comes down to it, will Shard find his path through the stars?

There is even an amazing twist for certain characters. The wolves of the Silver Isles feature in this book more than in Sunfire. Catori, my personal favorite, shows herself briefly, but I love the way that Jess Owen has managed to advance the storyline without sacrificing the characters that I personally have come to love. The dragons are revealed to be entirely different to what you expect – there is a unique slant on them that I cannot help but love.

If I could, this would receive 10/10, but for now, 5/5 will suffice! Get the rest of these books as soon as you can – I’m waiting eagerly for the next book already!

A Shard of Sun is available on Kindle on March 14th, 2015!




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Black Wolf’s Revenge – Review

He’€™ll risk it all to bring her home.

Morgan Carter witnessed her sister€’s murder, has been turned into a werewolf and is now raising her young niece. Then her fiance, Greyson Crawford, proves he wants to be with her for the wrong reasons, and she knows her life couldn’t be any stranger. Devastated, she retreats to her cozy house in the city with her sister’s little girl, Lana. There, they’ll have normalcy, and maybe eventually, even happiness.

But Morgan’s the only living silver wolf. Her uniqueness, €”the ability to produce werewolf offspring, €”means, without Grey’€™s protection, she’s unknowingly put herself and Lana in deadly danger. Other werewolves want to claim her for their pack, and she’€™s the easiest, most tempting prey ever.

When they strike, Grey has to find her and rescue her before it’€™s too late. Not so simple a task; he has only the uncontrollable beast inside him, Wolf, and an unlikely pack of allies he’€™s forced to rely on. Can he get to her in time? And if he does, can he convince her he’€™s there for the right reasons, saving them both?


This is a netgalley review, as honest as can be.


I could tell this wasn’t a standalone book. There was something I missed, but the novel didn’t suffer for that. The storyline unfolded as I’d have liked – swift moving and emotional. There was real feeling in the characters, both Greyson and Morgan. The characters in the pack are well-rounded and you can see the hint of their story. The fact that ‘every wolf has a story’ seems true. You can see why they act as they do, and also the growth of characters throughout.


I particularly enjoyed the moments where you saw Grey and Wolf (his wolf side) being vulnerable or protective. Much as I like to read about ‘alpha men’ there are times when it gets slightly annoying. Greyson wasn’t annoying, he’s damaged. You can see where he needs to heal, and how much he needs Morgan – even resorting to spending two weeks as a wolf to keep from harassing her. When she gets kidnapped, you can truly feel his panic. He doesn’t want to go through the dominance games – he just wants her back, safe. Even if she doesn’t want him.


Another book I’ll be looking for (the others in the series, at least) and one which I’d recommend to others.

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Fury of Obsession – Review

Dragon-warrior Venom lives in self-imposed isolation. Cursed by his toxic touch, he is deadly to anyone who has contact with him for too long. Set apart from others and hounded by intense loneliness, he craves the lasting connection he believes he cannot possess. Until a chance encounter with a sultry mortal offers a ray of hope…

Evelyn Foxe is the woman of Venom’s every desire, but she’s too busy running from the Russian mob to think about love. As she accepts Venom’s offer to help her escape her precarious situation, she’s skeptical, afraid that he’s in league with those sent to harm her. But when a biological weapon is unleashed in her hometown, Evelyn is forced to trust Venom—or risk the dangers of going it alone.

Will they survive the firestorm that rages around them? And can they pull from the ashes a love that will defy all the odds and last through the ages?


Netgalley review for Fury of Obsession.


Fury of Obsession was not the dragon-based book I was expecting to read. Instead, it was an interesting look into a series I will have to check up when I have the time and the money. It features Venom, a dragon cursed with venomous…well, everything. Prolonged contact with anyone will kill them – which is why the discovery of Evelyn, the woman who is his equal, his HE (high energy) mate, is so amazing. She can survive not just his touch, but everything about him.

I loved this book, definitely surprised me as it wasn’t just about what romance the characters had. Venom was portrayed as being different to the other dragons – he wanted to romance Evie, not kidnap her as the other dragons had done. This made it feel less like some paranormal book-series, where the new characters go through the same routine as those before. The fact that the males were also ‘Alpha’ males was amazing. The background that comes through this story is different to anything I believe myself to have read.

Will be recommending this when it is available.

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Mating Call by Martha Bourke *review*

Mating Call is the newest book by author Martha Bourke, carrying on the story of the New Breeds – shapeshifters that have more k’ul (life-force) than the normal ‘shifter. This book focuses more intently on Troy and Evy – introduced in a previous book. You learn stunning truths within this novel and a twist that has you wanting to read back through previous books! You learn more about old friends, new enemies and new friends within the pages of this engrossing novel – Diesel and Helen are there and the Goddess Akina reveals more of her past. Viktor, Dimitri’s brother shows up…and Victrixa becomes even stronger as Pax has to come to terms with his feelings for James. I cannot wait for Fatal Call – I want to see who is next to discover their mating and fight the battle for the good side!


Mating Call – Amazon.com

Mating Call – Amazon.co.uk

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Untold Promise – Chewed and Reviewed

Untold Promise. What is it about? Well here is what the author says:

Haily Long’s life has been turned upside down. As she struggles to make sense of her new status as teenage witch, she experiences a series of psychic dreams about a man with a knife, whose one goal seems to be butchering her on a cold metal table. On top of that crisis, eccentric British vampire Luke wants to teach Haily witchcraft, her boyfriend Nathan is acting weird, and her annoying house-mate Jake is acting weirder. Also, it seems very possible that Haily is seeing dead people. Secrets are uncovered, friendships are betrayed, and the psycho with the knife is closing in for the kill. It’s up to Haily to decipher her visions before it’s too late…

My review
Untold Promise is the second book in the Inhuman Chronicles series and it lets you learn more about Haily Long…and about Jake. There are secrets rife in the household she feels uncomfortable in, the one where her mother won’t tell her anything to do with her witch side…but the vampire ‘father’ of her werewolf boyfriend is willing to help her. Thanks to that, she learns that even those with the best of intentions can be lying to her…and that she possesses more power than she knew. Five out of five and I REALLY can’t wait for the next one!

Amazon.com: http://www.amazon.com/Untold-Promise-Inhuman-Chronicles-ebook/dp/B00E2UWD5Y
Amazon.co.uk: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Untold-Promise-Inhuman-Chronicles-ebook/dp/B00E2UWD5Y

Untold Promise blog tour banner

You’ve had my review, now here’s something a little different. Today we have invited Caitlin’s Character – Haily, over for a little chat and this is what she had to say.

Hi Haily! Thanks for joining us today.

Thanks for having me, I guess. My author keeps making me do these interviews for some reason.

How old are you?

I’m sixteen, but I’ll be seventeen in November.

Where do you live now?

I’ve lived in Wolfwood, Pennsylvania for about a month now. And the longer I live here, the crazier it seems to get. For such a small town, there sure are an abundance of paranormal creatures.

Who with?

I live with my mom, my dog Charles, and Jake West and his dad Luther. To be honest, I’m not entirely sure why Jake and Luther are staying in our guest room. They’ve been acting super suspicious; I think they’re up to something.

What is the view from your bedroom window?

I live in the attic, so I can see out over the backyard to the forest behind our house. If I lean out the window, I can see the Knights’ house next door.

Which is your favourite room in the house? And why?

Probably the attic. I like to lock the door so Jake can’t burst in and pester me, which seems to be a favourite hobby of his.

Are you happy with your home circumstances?

Um, I guess so. My mom and I have been arguing a lot lately; I think she’s keeping something from me. I wish she’d just be honest with me.

Do you have any quirks, mannerisms or body gestures that people might notice?

I’ve been told I use sarcasm a lot.

Tell me about one of your scars. Where is it? How did you get it?

It’s on my left knee. I tripped on the porch steps when I was six, and I cut my knee open on the wood. I remember that there was a lot of blood, and my mom had to take me to the hospital for stitches.

When and with whom did you have your first kiss?

It was with Keith, a guy in the seventh grade. He was kind of a dork. We only dated for a couple of months.

Are you a virgin? If not, how did you lose your virginity?

I’m a virgin. And until I find the right guy, I’m staying that way.

Have you ever been in trouble with the police?

Until recently, no. But then Luke Knight, my next-door neighbour and a vampire, convinced me to steal bags of blood from the hospital for him. I got taken in for questioning, which definitely wasn’t a fun experience.

Look down at your feet, and tell me about your shoes.

Black sneakers with white laces. I never wear flip-flops or sandals, because they make my feet hurt.

Who is your best friend?

Tera Knight is probably my closest friend right now. She bit me on the neck and drank my blood once, true, but she’s still really nice.

What do you want most in the world?

Probably for my mom to stop lying to me. And I’ve love to be able to meet my dad, but he died before I was born. Since I don’t think I’ll ever get either of those things, I guess I’ll settle for Nathan deciding to kiss me again.

Facebook page
Amazon Author Page

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Review- Silence of the Wolves

After a strange encounter in a dark alley, journalist Tamriel’s life is turned upside down. She’s missing days, developing odd new abilities, and being followed by mysterious Leyth.

Dark, dangerous – and too gorgeous for his own good –Leyth’s determined to teach Tamriel about her new life – as a werewolf! And just as intent on keeping their relationship strictly business.

But as their simmering bond grows, Tamriel and Leyth face a bigger challenge; Tam may be their kind’s strongest weapon against the Circle, a deadly group of paranormal creatures gone rogue. That is, if she’s ready to give into her destiny and put up the fight of her life…


For fans of Kelly Armstrong

My Review:
Set not too far from my own home, not too far underground is a kingdom to which I’m sure I belong…Nah! Just wishing! This is an amazing debut book featuring not just the common werewolves and vampires but also magi, wiccans (not witches, and I was dancing for joy to discover that!) shifters and a myriad of other mythical creatures. They are brought to life with the threat of the Circle and being turhned (you don’t want that to happen. Believe me!) Loved the slow developing, steamy romance and strong female character! Well done!…and cannot wait to read the next book! Cliffhanger endings are AWESOME!




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The Best Moments of Dianne Gardner

What has been your greatest moment as a  writer?

Have you ever had a moment, even if it was a split second when someone noticed you for the unique person you are or complemented you on a job well done? Do you remember what that feels like in your heart?

I’m getting those kinds of moments more and more but I think the most heart warming moments for me is when I get feedback from  the kids that my stories target.

Dianne Gardner 1-1-square

One child I met at one of my book signings. She was clearly autistic yet very loving and I could tell she loves reading. She came up to me, wanted her photo taken in front of the dragon and said, “I am going to bring this book to all my friends. Everyone should read this book.”

A friend who bought her book for her grandson brought word back that his mom said he read it in one night.

One night!!!

My fencing instructor gave the book to his nephew, whom he said the boys parents have a hard time getting him to read. When I saw the boy shortly after that he said, “Hey, I’ve been reading your book!” I said, “Oh yeah? What do you think of it?” He said “Awesome!”

My friends daughter is a devote fan and when her daughter read Deception Peak she actually wrote a review. It’s on my blog. She said,

“The book is very in common with The Harry Potter Series!

My favorite part was when Ian and the Kaempern men go into the mountain to search for Ian’s father, Alex Wilson.

I like this book because it is full of adventure and there is always something amazing that happens around every corner.

This book is one of the greatest books I have EVER read!

I hope that other kids like me love this book. I would recommend this book for ages 9 and up.


Alyson Zatt


Another great moment when a 90 year old lady called me to tell me how thrilled she was with the book.

Those are the best moments as an author. Hearing directly from the readers and having them tell you what they loved about your story!

 Dianne Lynn Gardner     Dianne Gardner 1-me painting2


Young Adult Fantasy-Adventure Fiction

Dianne Gardner is both an author and illustrator living in the Pacific Northwest, USA.
She’s been a painter all her life having started at the age of 12 under her mother’s supervision. Her first private art lesson was with a sculptress in California. Excelling in art in school and on to college, her portfolio includes portraits, inspirational works, and plein air landscapes. She was the portrait painter for the Washington Renaissance Fantasy Fair for several years painting 20 minute oil paintings during the fair. She has just recently started illustrating books, beginning this endeavor with a 9′ triptych of Stenhjaert the Dragon, the antagonist in Ian’s Realm

Dianne is an active member of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators, and the National League of American Pen Women. Besides the Ian’s Realm Saga (Deception Peak, The Dragon Shield, and Rubies and Robbers which will be released in 2013) she boasts authorship to four short stories titled A Tale of the Four Wizards Series which interweaves with the Saga. She writes for middle grade and young adults targeting boys and adventure loving girls, but adults are some of her most zealous fans of all Her writing definitely falls under the ‘family friendly’ category!


Dianne Gardner just cover (1)

Ian’s Realm Trilogy
Deception Peak
The Dragon Shield
Rubies and Robbers 
coming soon
Cassandra’s Castle To be released
The Diary of a Conjurer To be released

Short Stories

A tale of the Four Wizards


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Symphoni, by Tianna Scott – review



“We don’t know the implications of our actions; of the decisions we make every day and the effects of those decisions. Greg, your choice, your fate, and your whole existence can be over in no time. I just hope, for everyone’s sake, that you get to do what you were created for,” she turned and looked at me, “before Legend does.”

Life hasn’t been too easy for Greg Daniels lately. But when he arrives at school on the first day back from summer vacation, he finds that things are much worse than he could have ever imagined.

Stuck in the middle of an ancient feud between the Olympians and the Titans, Greg discovers that the line between good and evil isn’t always clear and his allies might be more dangerous than the enemy.




It’s not often I read a book like Symphoni. I was grumbling each and every time I had to leave my seat on the sofa – and bemoaned the fact that I didn’t have it in print! I wanted to take it everywhere…to the bath, to cook…even to walk to the shop! It’s definitely a read for those interested in Greek Mythology. There were lines in this book that literally had me giggling – including a scene about Twilight and werewolves!

This is written from the PoV of Greg – and so convincingly that I had to constantly remind myself that the writer was female!  Greg, at the beginning of the book, is a self-confessed man-whore. He likes nothing more than to get his leg over…but since having sex with MJ, his best friend, he’s not been able to get her out of his head.

That is, until he meets Symphoni, the girl of his dreams. Or is it Kassandra? The sister of the guy who stole the only girl he loved from him…

What is there lingering between ‘childhood friends’, Legend and Symphoni? Why does Joi, Symphoni’s sister leer at him? What is the connection between them all? Greg will find out…amidst learning things about the people he knows that could scare him…if it wasn’t for the fact that he has something to live for…

T.M Scott loves writing. With passion, drive and a taste for the unusual, she enjoys reading and writing new and different things. Doing her best to always think out of the box, her writing usually starts off as an insane scheme of some sort before she works out the finer aspects and turns it into something great! Her heroines and heroes are never the typical ‘beautiful’ people, meaning they all have some sort of quirk or oddity about them that makes them unique and refreshing characters everyone can relate to.

Her first novel, Symphoni, will be out in 2013 and her work has been featured in the horror anthology, The Withering Darkness. She lives in Los Angeles, California with her daughter Ariyanna.

Goodreads book page

Goodreads author page

Facebook page

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What does America’s Next Author mean to me?

For the past two weeks (and a few days) I’ve been involved in a huge competition which makes use of your skills in social media as well as writing. I used a piece which involves characters from my upcoming book, Echoes of Winter but in a different setting where magic flows and wolves can fly. (But only if they have wings, of course!)

It’s been an interesting thing to do – I’ve asked people for honest reviews and mostly the feedback has been amazing! Short stories aren’t my forte but this one seems to have appealed to people for some reason. Some people didn’t think the pacing was too fast, or that I told rather than showed the reader what was happening/in the scenery. Some people believed that this was part of a larger piece (which it isn’t, but I do plan another short ‘installment’ to finish the story.)

Other people are fascinated by the ideas represented in the story. Two friends, close enough to call themselves sisters, are torn apart by the depression of one and her failure to care about the responsibilities she has. What made people even more interested was that these weren’t humans – these were wolves and yet they had emotions like those everyone feels.

Relying on other people to review and vote is a patchy business and yet I’ve managed to remain in the top ten for the last week and a half! I’ve had a lot of support from friends and writing groups, who often go and hit the tweet button. The reviews count as well, as I prefer honest reviews. If you love it, write that and more importantly…tell me why! If you hate it, again – I want to know why you hate it.

An author can only progress with the constructive criticism of the type I’ve received, so thank you to everyone who HAS reviewed it.

Interested in reading yourself? Does this synopsis sound like something you could enjoy?
‘When winter springs a challenging blizzard onto a pack besieged with doubt? What will happen to the wolves that have been chased from their home, have lost their Alpha male and are watching their Alpha female die? Well, if Kamduis has anything to do with it, she’ll have a lot to do with it! Read on for this tale which mentions the wolf goddess Luna, winged wolves and betrayal between two sisters who have no real bond but the love in their hearts and the song which joins them together as pack.’

If so, then take a look here!

Dominique Goodall is the author of the soon to be released Echoes of Winter, book one in the Seasons of the Wolf series and a self-confessed wolf addict. She has currently been published in two anthologies by Crushing Hearts and Black Butterfly Publishing and is currently working on getting herself better known by sending in manuscripts for as many different anthologies as she possibly can.

As much as she loves to admit it, she never will be able to count her wolf stuff- there’s nothing left for her to be truly able to collect without her own home.

She can be friended on Facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/WaterSinger

Her author page on Facebook is here: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Dominique-Goodall-author/250907358312446

The page for Echoes of Winter is here: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Echoes-of-Winter/355235744499607

Her twitter name is: https://twitter.com/#!/DomGoodall

And her blog can be found here: https://dominiquegoodall.wordpress.com/

And the trailer for her book is here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kix63EXBW50&feature=plcp

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America’s Next Author

As not many of you know, I’ve been working on something new to get myself exposure as a writer – America’s Next Author! And yes, I know I’m in the UK – but I can still apply. I’ve been on a rollercoaster with the place I’m in for this contest. I entered at 17th…then hit 16th…and then shot up to 14th and stayed there for a day or so. After that I zoomed up to 10th and when the new round started…

I found myself in 1st place! I stayed there for ONE DAY before dropping to 2nd and today I dropped to 5th. I need your help to boost me back up the ranks and through round 2!

How can you help, I hear you scream? (In my mind and prayers, at least!) Well you can help with a vote on the site, a like on facebook, a tweet (if you use twitter), a share on LinkedIn (again, if you use it!) and most importantly of all, an honest review and rating! This is the most important part of this for me, it honestly is!

Here’s one review and a five star one at that!

‘Clearly, the author has a lot of knowledge of and/or experience with wolves, and that shows. The characters of the two main characters are distinct and engaging, and the story is told with careful attention to detail. While this is clearly part of a larger piece, it stands on its own extremely well. I found myself wanting to read more about this pair and to learn more about the extraordinary winged wolf.’

My entry

And the final thing I can say is…THANK YOU! (and yes! It includes wolves!)

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