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Goodbye Winter, Hello Spring Blog Hop

Goodbye Winter, Hello Spring

So sorry there’s not much personal in this! Illness has rocked me (the flu!) and I’ve dissolved into a sneezing, tired author that has no energy! 😦

The Spring comes slowly up this way,
Slowly, slowly,
Under a snood of hodden grey.

The black and white for her array,
Slowly, slowly,
The Spring comes slowly up this way.

Where is her green that was so gay?
Slowly, slowly,
The Spring comes slowly up this way.

Unto a world too sick for May,
Slowly, slowly,
The Spring comes slowly up this way.

Where are the lads that used to play?
Slowly, slowly,
The Spring comes slowly up this way.

She has no heart for holiday,
Slowly, slowly,
The Spring comes slowly up this way.

The trees are out in Heaven they say.
Slowly, slowly,
The Spring comes slowly up our way.

Katharine Tynan

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Third Stop on the MK Blog Tour – Jennifer Don! (again!)

Well my guest once again today is Jennifer Don, and this time we have the most apt post for what I write about here – she’s talking about wolves, and the way they have directed her life towards writing. Let’s see what she has to say about the mysterious guides, who appear when we need them, only to fade away to wait until we next call for them…

Wolves, my muse and lifelong inspiration

I cannot begin to tell you how much the Wolf has influenced my life. I’ve been fascinated with them for as long as I can remember and considering I’m 25, that’s a fairly long time in my world. But there is more to it than just sheer Childhood fascination and this is where it becomes harder to write about, without sounding like a lunatic. I’ve questioned long and hard over whether to state why or not, but I find it is always better to be honest not only to self but with others too.

For those that don’t know me, I am a firm believer in knowledge or belief that for each of us an animal in the spirit world will walk with us as and when it is needed. They will teach us aspects of ourselves and help us to see what we may not have done. I understand this can be rather had for people to see, but these are my beliefs. These animals are known as Animal Totems, very common with the Native Americans. They are also known as Animal Guides and for me, I constantly see that of a white wolf in my mind’s eye. You could say he is my muse, my soul and my inspiration that drives my determination to keep going. Such is the power that he bestows in my mind, that he even made is as far as to star in my novel – Timber Varden which is still undergoing extensive edits.

The constant teacher...

But never mind that for the moment, it deviates from the subject at hand. I bet your wondering – how can a wolf become a muse to a writer? Well I don’t see the wolf like most people do; they see the wild side, the killer. Whereas I see below the surface, I see the wisdom within the eyes. I see the passion they hold for the bonds they keep, how they protect those nearest and dearest. They may seldom like to walk off on their own, but at the heart of matters they are predominately family orientated. The wolf has great stamina and can keep going for miles on end and while I am unable to cover such distances like them, I do have the stamina to write for hours on end.

Through the eyes of the wolf, I have found the person that I am meant to be. It has not been and easy road but when you learn to see what it is that they wish to show you then you can see where you are meant to go. The wolf is the pathfinder in my understanding and through belief has led me to where I am now; he is the teacher and teaches what we need to learn. But that still doesn’t explain my admiration for an animal that others would sooner kill than respect. If you could have one voice, one chance to change the way just one person sees things, would you give that up and ignore the undertakings of others? I can’t. The wolf, my muse, is why I write. It is why they are mentioned in Timber Varden. And if my words, help just one person to see that the wolf is not the aggressor people think he is, then maybe one day future generations will be able to appreciate the mystical aspects of an animal that remains free. But because of human nature, anything they perceive is being a threat then to all they can to eliminate it. Over the years, Wolf numbers have declined to the point that some countries no longer have wild wolves – I pray for the day that they are re-introduced to the wild in many climates where they belong. .

Now for some questions for YOU by our guest, Jennifer Don.

She wants to know…

What animal would you say leads your muse into the fruitful woods of writing?


If your muse is not animal based, what would you describe them as being?
About Jennifer Don

Jennifer spent many years without daring to lift a pen, without writing a word that wasn’t forced. But 2008 arrived and with it, her love of writing. She began with poetry which quenched her thirst to begin with but soon that wasn’t enough to satisfy her. 2011 arrived with a dream to write her first novel – Awakening, which is on-going. November saw her attempt her first NaNoWriMo, and so Timber Varden was born, with the bulk of it being written within that month. Now she finds herself aiming to re-write that draft and turn it into her first published novel.

While she aims to work through the edits needed, updates on her progress can be found on here –http://www.facebook.com/AuthorJenniferDon
To find out more with regards to her other projects, then check out her blog here – http://thoughtsgowild.blogspot.co.uk/
And should you wish to follow her on Twitter, or ask her any questions please see here –https://twitter.com/#!/Voice_Of_Spirit
Jennifer will be more than happy to answer any questions you have for her. You can contact her at any of the links posted above. Or email her at authorjenniferdon@hotmail.co.uk


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Second Stop on the MK Blog Tour – Jennifer Starks!

This week is the second stop on the MasterKoda Blog tour, and I’m hosting for Jennifer Starks. She has provided us with the lyrics that describe her book and the basis for her book, too. Who could imagine a job like that?

A song that describes my book? Hmmm? I would have to go with ‘World so Cold’ by 3 Days Grace. My main character, Vira Silk, has a very depressing job. She and her team clean up dead people.

Most of the time, they’re dealing with crime scenes. She gets to see the aftermath of a person’s last moments and while she gets satisfaction from removing that horror from plain view, it takes a dark toll. Vira has been excelling at her job for six years, but the job has also been decelerating her tolerance for life. She’s pulled away from the real world, a world where you feel for and become attached to other people. This song speaks to her personality; who she is at her core and the depth of her connection to that which she’ll only endure for the dead. Pain.

“World so Cold”

I never thought
I’d feel this
Guilty and I’m
Broken down inside
Living with myself
Nothing but lies

I always thought
I’d make it
But never knew I’d
Let it get so bad
Living with myself
Is all I have

I feel numb
I can’t come to life
I feel like
I’m frozen in time

Living in a
World so cold
Wasting away
Living in a shell
With no soul
Since you’ve gone away
Living in a world so cold
Counting the days
Since you’ve gone away

Do you ever feel me
Do you ever look
Deep down inside
Staring at yourself

I feel numb
I can’t come to life
I feel like
I’m frozen in time

Living in a
World so cold
Wasting away
Living in a shell
With no soul
Since you’ve gone away
Living in a world so cold
Counting the days
Since you’ve gone away
You’ve gone away from me

I’m too young
To lose my soul
I’m too young
To feel this old
So long
I’m left behind
I feel like
I’m losing my mind

Do you ever feel me
Do you ever look
Deep down inside
Staring at your life

Living in a
World so cold
Wasting away
Living in a shell
With no soul
Since you’ve gone away
Living in a world so cold
Counting the days
Since you’ve gone away
I’m too young

Jennifer Starks has been writing since the tender, but still wise beyond her years, age of eight. She gets giddy at the thought of visiting a book store, loves that good ole Library smell, is most at home on the couch reading or at her desk writing. She adores her children (though they make it entirely difficult to keep any kind of writing schedule) and is humbled beyond belief to have a mother who fostered her love of the arts and a husband who supports the lifestyle even when it means listening to her type at 5 AM. Messy Death will be Jennifer’s début novel. Updates on its progress can be found at www.jenniferstarks.wordpress.com


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The Big Cover Reveal…



…won’t be happening just yet. I know, I know. I’m a tease – but I  have received the cover and I just happen to know that you’ll all LOVE it when I do reveal it. I’m really pleased though, it’s been done perfectly, with the scene showing the tension that I’ve wrote in the book. The artist is just wonderful – she’s done everything how I pictured it, and I can almost see how Echoes of Winter would be as an animated film (God…if it came to that…)


I’ve also received some fur, and even some support from places with wolves – which means, all willing, I’ll be up and running with some wolf-fur pendants soon. Just need to work out the best way to tie the thonging, so if anyone is artsy, let me know on your experiences!


Otherwise I’ve just been biding my time, working on other projects and trying to work out the way forward with book two of this series. (And yes, it has a tentative name for the series AND the second book, but no reveal for that, either yet!)


I can’t help being a tease, can I?


Won’t be long before you all see the cover…and fall in love with it…


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Wrote a poem today

I had a kinda stressful day today…or a stressful evening after a fun day. Only real upside for today was getting a birthday present – 5 months early!
Wrote this thanks to being so stressed.

A lonely cry sounds
Filling the air with such emotion
Heart-broken renditions
Lost without a packs firm devotion.

Memories and feelings abound
A hunter’s fierce hunger aroused.

The moon shone brightly
Lighting up the sky and ground beneath
Highlighting the lonely hunter
With his bright teeth.

Lonely hunter runs silently
His head lowered and his eyes keen.

His vengeance burning ever brighter
The wolf, his heart beating, burning
Grows ever fleeter, head raising
Uncaring about the way he’s changing.

Hunter’s anger knows no bounds
Breathless, heartless – caution held.

Images of his family stay in his head
Their deaths a waste, unneeded
His voice no longer calling
Thoughts of his revenge seeded.

A snarl, a growl
A snap of teeth in the darkness.

A body collapses in the night
A flash of white, nothing more
Soft growls sound slowly, getting loud
The hunter, no longer heart-sore.

Hunter’s revenge attained
His lonely howl rebounds…unanswered.


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81% of you…

81% of people picked the cover image for Echoes of Winter. I’m not revealing which cover it is until it’s been finished now, however! I’m really impressed with the amount of votes I received this last week and a half! The hours of time, sitting to get my images up on a poll, sharing the posts and getting people to vote have paid off!

Also up for good news – at 2am this morning, I completed Echoes of Winter – all 114,450 words are currently waiting to be winging their way off to the editor! That means I’m one step closer to being able to announce a release date for you!

I’m currently physically exhausted, not enough sleep and a little too much writing…but I could even write a little more of Echoes of Winter, settle down the masses – but there are some loose ends that won’t be tied up until the next book (if it comes to that!)

My way of relaxing at the moment is to sit and do pretty art pictures…and since I know you’d all like to see them…here they are (well…three of them, anyway!)

This is a human eye, with a wolf and a moon in it, mysterious and I hope pretty!

Next up we have butterflies and a vine, inside and on an icy-looking eye.

and finally, my favourite. Just a wolf in an eye – the beast within showing itself, maybe.

All these images and little tid-bits shown – I still might go back to EoW today and make some small edits. I think that could work well!

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This isn’t to do with writing…but it made me tearful…


Today is the day that I shall die
My life was short and I don’t know why
I don’t yet know that this will be my fate
The humans just stood there at my gate

And in their eyes I saw their sorrow
They told me I had no more time to borrow
My seven days have been and gone
And I’m yet to know what I’ve done wrong

I greeted the humans with a waggling tail
But with this their resolve seemed to fail
I did not understand why they cried
They told me again and again they had tried

But rescues are full and I’m on death row
And this meant that I had nowhere to go
Except for that room and the end of the block
It was only then that I took stock

I’ve seen others go in and never come out
And it was at this point that I had no doubt
Today was the day that I would die
And yet still I did not understand why

As they led me kindly into that room
I knew my life would be over soon
And again the humans tears began to flow
Another life to be lost on dog death row

I know I’m not the only one
One dog an hours dies as I have done
The needle comes out and the drug takes effect
The human holds me kindly and with respect

This is the end and I’m going to die
And then suddenly I understood why
I was bred without care, without thought or reason
Only because my mum came into season

I was bred to be sold, bred for the money
At first my new family thought my antics were funny
But as the days past by and the bigger I grew
Left home alone all day I began to chew

Soon they said this is not the place for me
So up went my ad onto Gumtree
Family dog free to good home
Five months old, no fault of her own

This next place was even less fun
Kept in a cage with no hope of a run
Soon came the day of my first season
And now I was the one bred without reason

My pups were soon sold and I was alone
I really hope they all found a loving home
Shut up in a cage, alone and in the dark
For hours on end I would just bark

Once again I became too much trouble
So up went my ad on the double
Work commitments forces reluctant sale
Only ten months old, it’s a familiar tale

The next people seemed nice at first
But it was not too long before the bubble burst
In this place I was to be trained to fight
But they gave up on that as I refused to bite

They spoke me as I was taken back to my crate
‘If you won’t fight we’ll use you as bait’
I was chained to a post by my collar
When the other dogs attacked I would holler

This life went on like this for quite a time
But I was soon told I was past my prime
I thought we might have been going for a walk
Yet in the car there was no talk

And slowly as the car came to a halt
I was thrown out of the door with a jolt
I stood and watched as the car sped away
It was cold and dark and I had nowhere to stay

It was by this road that I was eventually found
And I was taken away to the local dog pound
And here I lie as I take my last breath
I have one thing to ask as accept my death

You can help save others from my fate
Spay or neuter your dog before it’s too late!

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