Winter of Discontent – Kellie Kamryn

The Star Crossed series is a paranormal romances based around a couple where the romance is between their interaction, not between the sheets. It’s a bit of departure from my erotic romances, but I’m glad my publisher took a chance on them. They are fun to write, and I hope the world loves reading about Kayla and Kaleb’s adventures. Despite what some ebook retailers say, they are not erotic romances. I think they rated them based on the excerpts which are fun, but that’s as far as the sex goes!
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Winter_of_Discontent_200_300STAR CROSSED Series

Book 3 – Winter of Discontent

The art of deception will lead back to the truth.

 After experiencing a little bump in the road, Kayla and Kaleb are stronger than ever. But they are about to  encounter their biggest challenge yet.

 Kaleb is determined to teach Kayla the art of teleporting her body safely from one place to another.  However, her frustration lands her in a parallel life. Much to his dismay, he discovers she’s traded places  with an even sassier version of herself, and her alter ego is on a mission to seduce him.

Meanwhile, Kayla discovers her mistake, and is now faced with fighting off the advances of a Kaleb whose dark desires spark an answering interest inside of her. Determined to remain faithful to the true Kaleb who shares her heart, she must use deception to escape in order to return to her correct time.

Will these star-crossed lovers be able to deceive their alter egos long enough to set things right, or will they get lost in their baser desires?

Excerpt 1:

Kayla closed her eyes, and brought her Light energy closer to the surface. Her body hummed, and a smile graced her lips.

Kaleb’s voice broke her concentration. “Focus.”

Irritation disturbed the peace that had transcended over her, and she cracked one hazel eye open. Kaleb Warner stood a few feet from her, ever the patient teacher and friend. His green eyes sparkled from under the rim of the black wool hat covering his bald head.

He stomped his feet on the spot to warm up, and clapped his gloved hands together, speaking in the same gentle rumble she’d come to know and love. “A friendly reminder.” He crossed his arms over his chest, the action bunching up the white parka he’d donned in order for them to train in her backyard on the calm, wintry day.

“I know,” she grumbled. “But I like how it feels when I summon my energy like that. It tickles.” A small giggle escaped, and she puffed out a breath, watching as it made a cloud of steam in the cold air, then disappeared. She lifted her arms to the side. “I feel free.”

“I hear you,” he said, smiling, “but you need to clear your mind, and keep it devoid of all emotion and thought, even positive ones. Otherwise you’ll end up stuck in a tree again. Or a rock. Or the side of the house.”

An exasperated sigh escaped, and her smile vanished. Did he have to remind her of her trials and errors while learning to teleport again? Thankfully, she’d always managed to get out of whatever pickle she managed to get herself into, with his help, of course. Sometimes it bothered her that she needed his help at all. Due to a childhood incident where she’d hurt Kaleb, she’d blocked out some of her abilities, allowing fear to rule her heart.

He came to stand in front of her, brushing back a few strands of chestnut hair that had escaped from her grey, fuzzy cap keeping her head warm. Even with the layers of fabric of their winter outwear, when he rested his hands on her shoulders, she could feel the heat of his touch. She looked into his eyes, seeing love reflected back at her. “I want you to be able to do this at will,” he said. “It should be as automatic as breathing. When you can do this, it opens up a whole new world for you. You’ll be able to blend in with your surroundings like a chameleon, teleport vast distances in an instant. It’s amazing.” He placed a kiss to her forehead. “And the best part—we’ll be able to do it together some time.”

His words should have been a soothing balm to her soul. They weren’t. Kayla frowned, anger rising inside of her; anger for forgetting her powers, guilt over hurting her friend, and healing old wounds were still close to the surface. She wished she could get past things already, move forward. Healing could be a slow process, especially with wounds that cut so deep.

A tired groan emanated from her throat. “Can’t we take a break?”

Kaleb pulled back from her, one eyebrow raised. “We just started. Now—do it again. Tell me where your destination is going to be.” Snow crunched under his black boots as he stepped back.

Kayla rolled her eyes, receiving a stern look from him. Damn, pain in the ass. As good of a friend as he was, sometimes she wanted to shake him for being such a slave driver.

“I heard that.”

Of course, he did. They could read each other’s thoughts. In a fake show of defiance, she stuck her tongue out at him. His snort of laughter reached her ears, but she closed her eyes, jammed her toque down onto her head a little more, and blocked out everything as he’d taught her. “I’m reappearing over by the shed at the edge of the property.”

Summoning her Light energy to the surface once more, she merged her body and soul. With a pop, she disappeared, reappearing at her intended destination. She opened her eyes, and looked over at Kaleb. “I did it!”


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