Fury of Obsession – Review

Dragon-warrior Venom lives in self-imposed isolation. Cursed by his toxic touch, he is deadly to anyone who has contact with him for too long. Set apart from others and hounded by intense loneliness, he craves the lasting connection he believes he cannot possess. Until a chance encounter with a sultry mortal offers a ray of hope…

Evelyn Foxe is the woman of Venom’s every desire, but she’s too busy running from the Russian mob to think about love. As she accepts Venom’s offer to help her escape her precarious situation, she’s skeptical, afraid that he’s in league with those sent to harm her. But when a biological weapon is unleashed in her hometown, Evelyn is forced to trust Venom—or risk the dangers of going it alone.

Will they survive the firestorm that rages around them? And can they pull from the ashes a love that will defy all the odds and last through the ages?


Netgalley review for Fury of Obsession.


Fury of Obsession was not the dragon-based book I was expecting to read. Instead, it was an interesting look into a series I will have to check up when I have the time and the money. It features Venom, a dragon cursed with venomous…well, everything. Prolonged contact with anyone will kill them – which is why the discovery of Evelyn, the woman who is his equal, his HE (high energy) mate, is so amazing. She can survive not just his touch, but everything about him.

I loved this book, definitely surprised me as it wasn’t just about what romance the characters had. Venom was portrayed as being different to the other dragons – he wanted to romance Evie, not kidnap her as the other dragons had done. This made it feel less like some paranormal book-series, where the new characters go through the same routine as those before. The fact that the males were also ‘Alpha’ males was amazing. The background that comes through this story is different to anything I believe myself to have read.

Will be recommending this when it is available.

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