Black Wolf’s Revenge – Review

He’€™ll risk it all to bring her home.

Morgan Carter witnessed her sister€’s murder, has been turned into a werewolf and is now raising her young niece. Then her fiance, Greyson Crawford, proves he wants to be with her for the wrong reasons, and she knows her life couldn’t be any stranger. Devastated, she retreats to her cozy house in the city with her sister’s little girl, Lana. There, they’ll have normalcy, and maybe eventually, even happiness.

But Morgan’s the only living silver wolf. Her uniqueness, €”the ability to produce werewolf offspring, €”means, without Grey’€™s protection, she’s unknowingly put herself and Lana in deadly danger. Other werewolves want to claim her for their pack, and she’€™s the easiest, most tempting prey ever.

When they strike, Grey has to find her and rescue her before it’€™s too late. Not so simple a task; he has only the uncontrollable beast inside him, Wolf, and an unlikely pack of allies he’€™s forced to rely on. Can he get to her in time? And if he does, can he convince her he’€™s there for the right reasons, saving them both?


This is a netgalley review, as honest as can be.


I could tell this wasn’t a standalone book. There was something I missed, but the novel didn’t suffer for that. The storyline unfolded as I’d have liked – swift moving and emotional. There was real feeling in the characters, both Greyson and Morgan. The characters in the pack are well-rounded and you can see the hint of their story. The fact that ‘every wolf has a story’ seems true. You can see why they act as they do, and also the growth of characters throughout.


I particularly enjoyed the moments where you saw Grey and Wolf (his wolf side) being vulnerable or protective. Much as I like to read about ‘alpha men’ there are times when it gets slightly annoying. Greyson wasn’t annoying, he’s damaged. You can see where he needs to heal, and how much he needs Morgan – even resorting to spending two weeks as a wolf to keep from harassing her. When she gets kidnapped, you can truly feel his panic. He doesn’t want to go through the dominance games – he just wants her back, safe. Even if she doesn’t want him.


Another book I’ll be looking for (the others in the series, at least) and one which I’d recommend to others.

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