Revisiting A Series…

So! I’ve not posted in a while, and as of 2015, that’s going to change! First of all, I’d like to wish you all a Merry Christmas, and I hope you are all enjoying what you got and the time you spent with your family. I’m revisiting a series by an author/artist friend of mine and wanted to let you all know about it! Especially since it’s for kids as well as adults 😀 I know this, because I myself have read them, enjoyed them and hunger for them so much that I’m posting this to badger her to speed up muahahaha!


Jessica Kara writes about gryfons* (and wolves!) in a refreshing way that cannot be equaled. I love what she does with her writing, and the fact that she’s such a unique person in herself! Her writing is honestly among the best I’ve read, and exploring the world she’s crafted is amazing for me, which means I’d hope it would be for you all, too.  Please, give her books a chance – it’s Christmas, and I’m pretty sure she’d love to see at least one new review 😀


*Gryfon is the way Jess spells the name. She’s got an absolutely awesome mind, hasn’t she? 


I’m gonna link to her books and hopefully – one of you (at least) will buy them and leave her a review! She’s got book three coming soon (not soon enough!) and you’ll want to be on top for reading it! Believe me, I am!

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