Collaboration/Teaser Flash Fiction

My world shattered one day. I’d been playing at dominance games with Arashi, my bigger brother, when the wind whispered in my ear. It shook me into standing still, those terrifying words on a gentle summer breeze.

“You lack a part of yourself.” I fled my brother then, leaving him behind me as my muscles powered me forwards. I snapped at the air in front of me, seeking to do harm to the very sprites talking so quietly to me. “You need to leave, Amaya. Leave and offer us your thanks as we guide you on your way. You will need us.” I snarled, unable to believe what the world was telling me. As soon as I was under cover, within the trees, the voices stopped.

The thrumming of paw-steps coming after me made me flinch as I turned my head to look at my black-pelted brother, his golden eyes gleaming with concern.

“Amaya…are you okay?” His voice was a concerned whine as he dropped his head forwards, his ears flattening when I replied with a soft, silken snarl that curled my lips into a face of pure anger.

“If I were okay, Arashi, I wouldn’t have run, would I? You are such an omega sometimes.” I had to insult him. It was an urge, deep down. I was reaching the age where I would leave Deephollow. I also knew, deep down, that it was cruel. He was an omega as much as I was. It was our older brother, Ashai that would be alpha, however.

“Fine! Be the bitch that mom says you are.” His snapped words made me stagger back a step, my hackles lifting in a wave that tingled up my spine.

“If mom said that, she’d at least say it to my face.” I turned from him, utterly disgusted with myself. I’d let him get to me, again. My nose wrinkled back in a small snarl before I shook my head from side to side and wheeled abruptly around. Wasn’t it just my luck that I walked right into Volkan – pack beta and my uncle on my father’s side? I sighed at the look in his gold eyes – so unlike my own – before sitting down. I even dropped my head to avoid looking at him.

His chuckle made me lift my head up sharply. I almost caught my sensitive nose on the underneath of his jaw, I moved so quickly.

“It’s natural, Amaya. You will want to leave soon, but you are staying here. Only in Deephollow woods are you safe. A pretty wolf, like yourself? You will be a human trophy in a day. We can’t lose any more of the pack.” The concern in his voice made my tail wag, furiously so. To know someone in the pack cared made a world of difference. I stood, arching my back before brushing my nose against his cheek. That was when his words hit me, hard.

“What do you mean, lose any more of the pack?”

*Please note – names/roles/story may change. This is a collaboration between my best friend/fellow author Jennifer Don and I, to take place in November. This will be available…in the future sometime 😀

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