Novel Update!

Well it’s been a while since I’ve put up a blog about myself, and I’ve decided that I’m going to announce a few things! I’m hard at work at writing Tarnished Lineage – the fourth book in my upcoming novel series, Twisted Luminality (working title, of course!) This book is currently sitting at just over 31,600 words…and I’m set to continue writing now! The titles for these books are going to follow the same theme in terms of initials, but each title explores a different facet of the plot! The titles for the books go as follows!

  • Torn Loyalties (working title)
  • Tattered Legacy (working title)
  • Tainted Love (working title)
  • Tarnished Lineage (working title)

Each book is written from between three and five perspectives – namely from Tattered Legacy though life will be experienced through K’oughser, Tia’hin and Joella – two invented beasts of the same invented species, and a human. Life is hard in the future – a full four thousand years into the future. Two ice ages have sped up evolution, and human-kind has withdrawn, leaving apex predators that are more intelligent than they believe in charge. Taking place within the Rocky Mountains, though at the base more so than the higher reaches.


One of the evolved beasts.

A brief explanation of what creatures are like in this future is for me to ask you to imagine that dire wolves hadn’t been killed off. These beasts have near-human intelligence, twice the size of an average wolf and they’ve evolved a few crafty little tricks to get through a harsh life. They possess a triple layer pelt – the first of which is a warm, woolly coat, evolved to keep heat in. The second layer is the waterproof layer, which provides most of the colour. Typically, this is an inch or two thick, but can be longer around the throat. The third layer is a method of defence – it is thicker and almost like the bristles of a broom. When the beasts’ hackles lift, the bristled layer is enough that anything biting them will be injured.

The other two evolutionary aids for these have been…unusual. Rather than their size dooming them to a life on the ground, they’re evolved to be able to roam the thick branches. They have had a shift in the way their paws grip and move, more like that of a cat than anything else. An extra toe helps them with their grip, and they find it easy to hunt both on the ground and from the trees. Their weight is no hindrance to them once they are airborne. That gives a lead into the next evolutionary change. These beasts have immensely powered hind-legs – they help them to leap from the ground up to a branch. They are able to leap twelve to eighteen feet from the ground. Their claws are thick and are able to puncture the thick bark of the trees with ease.

My naming theme for these books…well. They shall be shown in future blog posts 😀 along with the other beasts and characters that come from these books. I’m in love with this series…however they’ve needed to be put together along with glossaries/indexes to create a full array of knowledge for the reader! I describe the names, characters, species names, settings…everything! I’m hoping that there will be maps created for these, too – it’s an unusual set up in terms of territory!



And onto other great things. Power of the Song, my immense novel of 160,000 words…is currently undergoing editing! That means shortly, you will be able to find out about the release date…a synopsis…and a cover reveal! An anthology is also in progress with being set up as is the possibility of me marketing myself at WorldCon – to be held in my (almost) hometown of London this year! Anyone who follows my blog looking at attending?


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3 responses to “Novel Update!

  1. Followed & on my blog roll!

  2. You seem very detailed with all your work! I love the names, also, and all the work you’ve put into your series is fabulous! Nice job.

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