Nine Days into 100k 100 Days!

Warning! Intense catch-up coming!

So! I’ve decided that I’d enter into the immense task that is 100k in 100 days…but make it into a somewhat harder task for myself. I want to end the 100 days with 300,000 words, and three novels completed in that time. This is including edits, contests, blog entries and other varied sundries that I’m putting together at the same time. I’m a busy bee at the moment…considering I’m also recovering still from gallbladder surgery. Two weeks tomorrow I fly for Finland (yes, I’m actually going to leave the UK, I’ll get plenty of pictures, I’ll make sure I try to include a few of me!) and I’m going to set a new series there.

I’m becoming quite a serious little writer. I dedicated a portion of my life to writing in November…and managed to throw down 125,000 words during the 30 days. So far for 8 days, I’m 23.3k into the 300,000 target! The anthology I’m putting together is coming about really well now – about 40 entries all in one book! (if you want details, just comment here, we are accepting late entries of short stories about wolves!) I’m adopting a wolf 😀 the same one I’ve adopted!

So…that’s about it for now, I guess. I don’t think there’s anything else going on in my life…oh! Bar me having got an amazing publisher for Power of the Song!

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