Day Two of The Hunger Games…

thg 2






Day Two in the Arena…

I’m still alive! I’ve joined up with Cene, the other Tribute from my District…

We were attacked by this massive spiders…and that was scary! Cene had no weapons, so she climbed into a tree, while I had hatchets (the only thing I got from the cornucopia) . Cene jumped onto the spiders (brave, I’m sure!) but she hurt her ankle…not sure how we’ll fix that! She got caught in a trap…that left only me to kill the spiders…which I did with creativity.


I crushed them. Like the bugs they are. No bites, so we’re safe as far as that goes. After I helped Cene from the net, we moved away from there, we needed to find somewhere safe to rest and sort her ankle…and food would be good, too!


Canon shots sound in the darkness, and faces appear for us to see…

District Four lost Amethyst

District Six lost Melly

District Six also lost Lainy

District Ten lost Nyx

District Eleven lost Izzidell

District Twelve lost Ganar

So that’s District Six, District Eight and District Eleven that are no longer in the running for District Thirteen’s win. There’s only a few of us left to survive, and it’ll take all our wits to do it…and the sponsors who will surely be helping us soon…right?


Shewolf- Tribute from District Thirteen…Rebel District all the way!






Now for how you can help. I need your help massively right now! There’s a lot of competition going on…and it’ll take sponsors to help me win! All you need to do is go to the link I’ll add in a moment, scroll down to District 13 (the best district, of course) and do as many of the tasks as possible. IF you comment there…there’s every chance of you winning an eCopy of Echoes of Winter (I have between 3 and 5 to give away) MHAFH Tribute Sponsorship 

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  1. karenemartin

    done, and left a comment there

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