Guess what’s coming…

That’s it! The press release!



So…who is excited?



I know I am…



This has been one of the closest held secrets….




And only three people know the date…




until now!




Here you all go!!!

Echoes of Winter – a novel that explores the wild side of nature . . .

What happens when you combine soft footsteps in the snow, a hidden traitor and a war? Not what you’d expect when you are talking about the world of animals when humans have lost their stronghold.


Online, world-wide – 11th December 2012 – Featuring Convel, the black wolf who learns that when the time comes, you need to leave the comfortable rut you are in and push yourself out there. Convel is confronted by self-doubt, a pack which doesn’t always listen to him and a traitor in his midst, of course, just what he needs when he is facing a war with a blood-thirsty cougar.


With a title like Echoes of Winter, it was only apt to release it in the deep winter where you can curl up and read it! The initial novel in a four-part series; each book is set in the four seasons. In the Seasons of the Wolf series, Echoes of Winter is the one that introduces the characters and scene.


Owner of Entwined Publishing and fellow author, Mia Castile said, “Echoes of winter is the masterful journey of a wolf who becomes the leader of his own pack. You will lose yourself in this heart-pounding plot where rivals aren’t just made, but are born. Alliances fall in the least likely of sources and you will find yourself not wanting the story to end. I am proud to be publishing this quality, uplifting work.


Echoes of Winter will be available through Amazon, Barnes and Noble, iBooks and Smashwords, in both e-book formats as well as print. You can find out more information through the Entwined Publishing website. Signed copies will also be available through Entwined Publishing’s Amazon page. Echoes of Winter will retail at $4.99 $14.99 and the equivalent when converted for different currencies.


About Dominique Goodall 

Dominique Goodall is the author of the soon to be released Echoes of Winter, book one in the “Seasons of the Wolf” series and a self-confessed wolf addict. She is published in two anthologies, Dark Lights and Morbid Seraphic. Dominique is an avid animal lover who is proud to admit that she will never be able to count the pieces of her wolf collection.


For more information about Echoes of Winter, please visit or contact Jodie Baker with Entwined Publishing at 317.348.4332 or


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3 responses to “Guess what’s coming…

  1. DeEtte Anderton

    Congratulations! Hope you do well!

  2. So excited for you chickie! We cannot wait for it to be available and get our own copy!! Woot!!

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