Tips For The Sophisticated Marketer

Today for the MasterKoda tour, I’m hosting for DeAnna Troupe as she talks about the titles she uses.

Okay this one was a little awkward for me since I don’t write fiction. I can’t really talk about characters since my books don’t have characters. The only thing I can write about are the titles of my books. So here goes. First I’m going to explain how I came up with the sophisticated marketer moniker. At first I was writing to the “cheapskate marketer.” That title didn’t go over too well. I think people don’t really want to admit to being cheap. So I changed that one to the sophisticated marketer. That one seems to be getting more positive feedback. More people are willing to be thought of as sophisticated than cheap (even if they are cheap).

It is my goal to create a series similar to the “for dummies” series. So my titles are whatever the subject is I’m writing about plus for the sophisticated marketer. So that explains, “Tips For The Sophisticated Marketer”, “Twitter Tips For The Sophisticated Marketer” and my upcoming book, “Freelancing Tips For The Sophisticated Marketer.” When I come up with titles for my books, I think about who I’m writing to. I try to come up with titles that are fairly descriptive. I don’t want readers to have to guess what the book is going to be about. I understand that people usually don’t want to have to spend a lot of time deciding whether or not to buy a book. Having a clear title helps me make their decision easy. If they’re interested in the topic, then they know they will want to buy my book. If they’re not interested in the topic they’ll pass. I like to keep things simple. So how do you come up with titles for your book?

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