Review – Song of the Summer King

Song of the Summer King – Jess Owen.

Shard is a gryfon in danger. He and other young males of the Silver Isles are old enough to fly, hunt, and fight — old enough to be threats to their ruler, the red gryfon king.

In the midst of the dangerous initiation hunt, Shard takes the unexpected advice of a strange she-wolf who seeks him out, and hints that Shard’s past isn’t all that it seems. To learn his past, Shard must abandon the future he wants and make allies of those the gryfons call enemies.

When the gryfon king declares open war on the wolves, it throws Shard’s past and uncertain future into the turmoil between.

Now with battle lines drawn, Shard must decide whether to fight beside his king — or against him.

I started out reading this with high, high hopes…and often, when that happens, you are expecting your hopes to be crushed.

I’m really, really pleased to say that Song of the Summer King actually exceeded my hopes for this wonderful book! It was an amazing tale, full of twists and turns I just wasn’t expecting. Far from being just for kids and young adult, many adults will enjoy this tale of life in a world where there aren’t any humans – and where the wolves can grow as big as the gryfons that also live on the isles.

Shard, the main character, is well developed and you get engrossed in his indecisions and panic, in his confusion as he struggles to work out where his loyalties lie – to his blood, or the pride of gryfons who allowed him to live. Jess Owen has created a fantastical world where you can almost picture the lay of the land, the places where Shard and Catori lead you.

I liken this book to Watership Down, a book of my childhood which I’ve always loved. The cover art is even amazing, with a hook instantly there. All I can say is five stars, Jess Owen! Well down and I can’t wait to read the second one!


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2 responses to “Review – Song of the Summer King

  1. herminestrand

    Thanks for the review. The obvious fantasy feel of the plot summary had me wanting to stop reading after the first paragraph, since fantasy of this sort isn’t to my taste. But your entire review makes me reconsider. A good story is a good story!

    • Even if you were to pick it up and not enjoy it, I can be 90% certain that someone you know would! I really did not expect it to be so good, despite having read the first three chapters previously. I’ve now got to wait over a year for the next installment, but I’m going to be waiting eagerly!

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