Fifth Stop on the MK Tour – Adami Kyymm!

Today we are learning about the type of books that make Amadi Kyymm sit up and take notice…which books she’d pick off the shelf when she wants to be able to curl up and take her time in reading something.

First, let me say I am an avid fan and supporter of the American military. Thus, I always have my eye out for good military memoirs.

I’m currently reading one named “Saving Grace At Guantanamo Bay” which was written by Mongomery J. Granger, Major(Ret) Medical Service Corps, U.S. Army. This is the real story of Montgomery’s medical duty in Task Force 160, U.S. Naval Station, Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. During Operation Enduring Freedom (The Global War on Terrorism).

Montgomery and his squad were tasked with taking care of of Hostile Muslim POWs. Unlike other countries who torture their prisoners of war, the United States cares for and medically treats hostile POWs in strict compliance with the Geneva Convention. This expressly forbids using physical, mental, psychological, and emotional torture against hostile prisoners of war.

In short, the enemy, hostile prisoners, live like kings compared to some of our citizens who paid taxes to make it possible.

In this book Montgomery went through a full spectrum of emotions. He was angry from being torn away from his newborn son to serve. Resentment towards the prisoners for keeping him away from normal life with his wife and three sons. He was disgusted that they had to treat men who’d dedicated their lives to killing Americans with kid gloves. Given a chance they would definitely kill again. The ultimate paradox was the fact these men got better medical treatment than some veterans.

Here’s an excerpt from the book

“I witnessed the two detainees getting intubated this morning with LTC Grosse. I hadn’t see it in person before. Detainee #44, hunger striker for over a month, got his tube first. Not much of a problem, but lots of people around, ine medical folks and three Mps. Detainee #217, more of a baby, took less time because the group knew what they were doing and had all of their equipment together. He resisted a bit, but his head was held by five hands, four from two MPs and one from the intubating nurse, a male Navy Lieutenant. Detainee #44 was incubated by an Arab-speaking doctor. The interpreter, Navy Lieutenant junior grade Dellmore spoke with each detainee before the procedures and attempted to get them to eat, or at least drink the cut Ensure they were about to feed them through the tube. No such luck. They were both resistant, but in words only. They cooperated reluctantly, and did not resist physically. The Navy medical folk were incredibly patient, but also insistent and firm.”

In short, detainees were not allowed to starve themselves. Other countries would have allowed them to die, but not with us.

I was originally attracted to this book because I always wanted to know what was happening down in Guantanamo Bay, and I certainly got an eyeful. It’s definitely not an easy job, walking a tight rope between politics, civilian observers, and military discipline. I salute Mongomery J. Granger and his fellow comrades in arms. Thank you for your service, Sir!

Adami Kyymm

I, Amadi Kyymm am a writer. I’ve written, fanfiction, and written RPGs for Star Trek fandom for years. My latest adventure into fiction writing started with NaNoWriMo 2011and I’ve been officially been bitten by the writing bug. I’m now working on publishing my first novel. I am a life long New York City resident where I reside with my two fur-kin (cats). I’m also a mild mannered woman, who works on a not so mild mannered job as a police clerical.

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  1. I enjoyed getting to know you better Amadi…thanks for sharing!

  2. Great post. What a lot of great information.

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