Saving Lennox


Now for any of you who don’t know, Lennox was an ordinary dog, in 2010 – until he was taken from his family and locked away in a ‘secure location’ where to this day…his family haven’t seen him. Did this dog hurt someone? Bite a child? Chase and kill cats? No. His only crime was to look like a banned species and be of the right height to be called ‘type’. Today he lost his final appeal, and in 20 days…he will be euthanised without ever knowing a loving touch again.

The only way this dog will survive now, is if the supreme court in London (Lennox is an Irish doggy) will take up the case…otherwise he’s going to be murdered. This was what I sent to Belfast County Council…the people responsible for this misuse of power against an innocent dog and his family.

To join in his fight, please check out his FB page:

How on earth can you justify keeping a dog like Lennox away from his owners, traumatising the poor animal and his family? He has done nothing wrong, unlike the thousands of people who lie, steal and abuse other people and animals. What you are doing is animal abuse, denying him the chance to be at home with his family where he belongs. How can a tape measure decide the fate of a dog? How can a so-called expert in dogs know how a dog will react when he was been cruelly confined for the last two years?

No animal deserves this, and you have no right in doing this – he deserves to go free. If you had any sense of human decency there, then you would free him, let him go home where he would be HAPPY, SAFE and LOVED – instead of behind bars where anything could happen to him and no one would know.

Don’t you remember Bruce? The last dog you did this too? A dog who is now living a HAPPY LIFE free from the pain, confusion and horrors you reaped upon him.

What a time to do this…just in time for the THOUSANDS of supporters to boycott Ireland when the Olympics are here this year…

You have made so many people sick now – and what will you do when you find that no one wants to move there? I hope some day you go through what Lennox’s poor owners do, and have your OWN family pet RIPPED from your life, locked away and then forgotten about…maybe then you will have an ounce of common decency and you’ll be able to apologise.

Don’t let it be too late for Lennox – he has a big Army behind him, who will demand the retribution owed for this poor dog you are willing to murder…despite the advice of dog trainers such as Victoria Stillwell and Ceasar Milan. I hope you are happy with yourselves and see Lennox’s face when he’s murdered in your name,

Bang go my plans to visit Ireland ever. You have made me disgusted that I am from Great Britain…would love to know what’s so great about it!

I know that, especially for me, this is strongly worded…but I feel so much for this owner and dog…

Lennox in his prison cell...

Wonderful place for him to live, eh?


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8 responses to “Saving Lennox

  1. Lisa Wooley

    At least here in the US, we don’t euthanize a dog who hasn’t done anything wrong!

    • It’s horrible – he’s literally done nothing wrong and because he looks ‘wrong’…he’s destined to die.

    • Lisa Wooley … I am pretty sure of the intent of your point, but I HAVE to say that USA euthanizes millions of dogs and cats in the USA each year that haven’t done anything wrong other than to exist. These deaths are due to overpopulation, a lack of spaying/neutering (priority since there more cats and dogs than people willing to save them) and due to irresponsible owners and a great deal of stupidity.

    • Maggie Mae

      sadly untrue… millions of adoptable pets are euthanized for doing nothing wrong… just sayin’

  2. madisonjohns

    That is just horrible, they are doing something similar here and it’s just appalling. Unless he has bitten somebody or left to run amuck I don’t see the point. Damn those dog fighters for giving the entire breed a bad name.

    • I really agree Madison…he was a family pet, never bit someone! A so-called professional said it was impossible to know how he’d react meeting strangers – bearing in mind he’s only known the dog while he’s been locked in that tiny, concrete prison.

  3. Breaks my heart and brings me to tears. It would be bad enough if he was a stray picked up on the side of the road and treated like this – no one would know anything about him or his history – but to take a family’s dog on the off chance that he might react badly should be a crime. We have a golden retriever who seriously dislikes other dogs but if anyone ever tried to take her from us there would be serious death and dismemberment. People suck but animals don’t know any better.

  4. I just red about it today and signed the petition and the, but is he still alive? I can’t see any official source saying that he has be put down.

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