The Big Cover Reveal…



…won’t be happening just yet. I know, I know. I’m a tease – but I  have received the cover and I just happen to know that you’ll all LOVE it when I do reveal it. I’m really pleased though, it’s been done perfectly, with the scene showing the tension that I’ve wrote in the book. The artist is just wonderful – she’s done everything how I pictured it, and I can almost see how Echoes of Winter would be as an animated film (God…if it came to that…)


I’ve also received some fur, and even some support from places with wolves – which means, all willing, I’ll be up and running with some wolf-fur pendants soon. Just need to work out the best way to tie the thonging, so if anyone is artsy, let me know on your experiences!


Otherwise I’ve just been biding my time, working on other projects and trying to work out the way forward with book two of this series. (And yes, it has a tentative name for the series AND the second book, but no reveal for that, either yet!)


I can’t help being a tease, can I?


Won’t be long before you all see the cover…and fall in love with it…


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2 responses to “The Big Cover Reveal…

  1. So cruel 😉 Mercilessly dangling that before us and then not delivering!
    I guess patience IS a virtue, right?

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