My blog post today is a rant.

Why do Kindle’s have to be so expensive?! And I know what you are thinking. £89-£139 (or the $$ equivalent) isn’t expensive – but my income per month at the moment is about £75. I have to feed my dog, hedgehog and snake on this so it renders getting a kindle impossible.

And guess what the one thing I win frequently? That’s right. I keep winning eBooks – and it occasionally makes me want to cry since I won’t be able to get one until at LEAST September but more likely 2013…that’s only if none of my pets have a medical emergency.

I know I don’t need a Kindle, or that I can download the app onto my computer…but when I want to read in bed with the light off, or when out and about – I can’t. Even my so-called android phone won’t let me download the app for it to become an eBook reader. *sigh*

Rant over for the moment. Short one, I know!


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4 responses to “Kindle…

  1. I too seem to be on a streak of winning e-books and alas, a Kindle is woefully out of my budget as well. I haven’t looked into downloading the app to my computer because well…I need a new computer too, as this one is um, shall we say an antique. So, I feel your pain and wish you a windfall of money so you can buy the top of the line e-reader ;-).

    • I wish that would happen – but I’m unsure what is happening at the moment RE what books I’m published in. And swag is above a kindle in a list of what I need – which is kinda frustrating at the same time.

  2. They certainly are expensive. The only thing that was going to allow me to own one was that it was a business expense and my husband funded my company but then I needed a tablet and so the decision was made that I did not need both so I have a kindle app on my tablet.

    You would think they’d make the kindle’s cheaper and encourage the books to be more expensive instead of the model they have gone with of free/cheap books and expensive kindle/hardware.

    May you win one in some contest.

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