Wrote a poem today

I had a kinda stressful day today…or a stressful evening after a fun day. Only real upside for today was getting a birthday present – 5 months early!
Wrote this thanks to being so stressed.

A lonely cry sounds
Filling the air with such emotion
Heart-broken renditions
Lost without a packs firm devotion.

Memories and feelings abound
A hunter’s fierce hunger aroused.

The moon shone brightly
Lighting up the sky and ground beneath
Highlighting the lonely hunter
With his bright teeth.

Lonely hunter runs silently
His head lowered and his eyes keen.

His vengeance burning ever brighter
The wolf, his heart beating, burning
Grows ever fleeter, head raising
Uncaring about the way he’s changing.

Hunter’s anger knows no bounds
Breathless, heartless – caution held.

Images of his family stay in his head
Their deaths a waste, unneeded
His voice no longer calling
Thoughts of his revenge seeded.

A snarl, a growl
A snap of teeth in the darkness.

A body collapses in the night
A flash of white, nothing more
Soft growls sound slowly, getting loud
The hunter, no longer heart-sore.

Hunter’s revenge attained
His lonely howl rebounds…unanswered.


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2 responses to “Wrote a poem today

  1. Your poem is very good, flowing smoothly, and a great rhyme scheme, i also like the idea of the poem and how you expressed your emotions and the figures of speech you used keep that up 🙂

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